woensdag 8 januari 2014

Doreen 239

This beautiful portrait of Doreen in striking black and white outfit concludes her second photo shoot which was entirely devoted to modern glasses by Zenni.

A word of thanks goes to my life partner Nel for the use of her hats, house and garden and for her brief guest appearance in this photo shoot.

Doreen, it was my pleasure to work with you again! The second photo shoot is always easier than the first. I was not surprised to hear that you did not have tired eyes this time. If all goes well, your glasses will arrive within a few days. You certainly made an excellent choice. May I add that I would have said the same if you had made a different choice? It was amazing how many of the Zenni glasses really suit you. Another big compliment for your splendid black & white outfit - reminiscent of the "Pop Art" fashion style of the mid 1960's. Hat off for your individual, excellent style of posing. And thanks for your efforts on the concertina....
It's a pity that only some eighty photos can be posted here - we took over 600 - but this weblog is now filled to the brim. At least you have the advantage that your photo shoots will remain "on top" forever :).

A note to viewers: my next photo shoots will be posted on my third weblog soon:

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