dinsdag 7 januari 2014

Doreen 236

Zenni did a nice job on these glasses. As usual, I ordered them with their standard 1.57 lenses to cut down on the expenses. The Zenni staff kindly put some extra work on the lenses so that the glasses could be folded up neatly for their journey from China to Holland. No extra cost was charged. The effect is not unlike that of a myodisc. I like the play of the light in the lenses. Apologies to Doreen and the viewers of this weblog for the blue spots - they are not visible in the original portrait but in an inexplicable way, they turn up when the photo is transferred to the weblog. A black version of these glasses was used to great effect in my second photo shoot with Lucy, in the old part of Amsterdam in the autumn of 2012.

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