vrijdag 24 juni 2011

Astrid 615

This lovely portrait of Astrid in and over tiny but extreme
sunglasses by GAPP concludes her encore photo shoot.

Astrid, thank you so much for your major contribution to
the project over the past 18 months! You managed a high
standard of posing under time pressure and sometimes very
difficult weather circumstances. Among the many favourable
comments received, one is worth mentioning in particular:
"Astrid has all the hallmarks of a great model". Needless to say,
there is no definition for this - it's recognition rather than an
accurate description - but your portraits have one element in
common which is highly effective when modeling eyeware.
It has to do with the "counter point" in the composition. This goes
especially for portraits in strong minus prescription glasses that
change the natural balance between the eyes and the lips. Like the
visual equivalent in a fugue, the viewer's attention is first drawn
towards the eyes because of the glasses, then to the lips (as a point
of reference, for balance) and finally, the overall impression of a
portrait. This "balance" in your portraits struck me when I first saw
them. Another essential element in portraits was aptly described by
one of my followers as "camaraderie". Any good portrait is the
result of good team work between model and photographer, but
the best portraits really testify of that team work. There was tension
in the air when we started this encore photo shoot, but soon the
"camaraderie" was back. I really enjoyed working with you and
hopefully, an occasion to organize a catwalk at the opening of a
future exhibition will present itself soon. Till then!

A word of thanks to the Bach experts who helped me with the proper
English terms in describing the composition :)

Astrid 614

Astrid showing the extreme minification of her eyes in
GAPP sunglasses, Rx -17 / -19

Astrid 613

Astrid posing great in a tiny but remarkable pair of
sunglasses by GAPP. The lenses are biconcave and
over a centimeter thick. I suppose that a clever optician
just managed to avoid the use of myodiscs. The glasses
came in a lot of four, clearly all from the same nose. They
span several decades, showing how their first owner's
high myopia progressed slowly but steadily over the years.
One of the other glasses, a Rodenstock from the 1980's,
was shown by Margriet in her second photo shoot. These
sunglasses are from the retro era. Again, the frame goes
well with the pink blouse.

Astrid 612

Glasses: Continental Eyeware, GAPP Fashion
[L: -15.50; c-2.00 o / R: -17.50; c-2.00 o]

Astrid 611

Astrid looking great in nameless bifocals with transitions
lenses. Like many of their sisters, these glasses are waiting
patiently for a model with a distance prescription of +3

Astrid 610

These bifocals have been in my collection for over a
decade. There is not really anything special about them
but the shape is nice. In my opinion they are a fine blend
with Astrid's face.

Astrid 609

Glasses: nameless, late 1980's
[L: +2.50; c+0.50 o / R: +2.50; c+0.50 h / bif add 2.50]

Astrid 608

Glasses: Elisabeth von Fürstenberg, late 1980's
[L: +0.50; c+1.75 h / R: +1.50; c+1.50 h]

I only have a few examples of this très chique designer
in my collection. Her frames all look different but great.

Astrid 607

Glasses: Bruliman (Aquarius)
[L: +1.25; c+1.00 o / R: +1.50; c+1.00 o]

Acquired in a Welsh charity shop some ten years ago,
these glasses were not used in any of my previous photo
shoots. Astrid chose them for their match with her pink

Astrid 606

Glasses: OIC (?) Slimm, circa 2000
[L: -8.00; c-5.25 o / R: -5.50 / var add 1.50]

Another recent arrival from Germany, part of a package
of eight glasses from the same nose. The strong cylinder
in the left lens and the major Rx difference between both
lenses makes me wonder how their first owner dealt with
her prescription. Thank you, Manfred and Michael! 

Astrid 605

Glasses: Laura di Borgia
[L: -2.50; c-0.25 o / R: -2.25; c-0.50 o]

I got these beautiful glasses from a friendly lady in Vienna.
Brigitta, Rachel, Mieke, Lettie and Nanda posed in them
for my previous weblog. Nanda did the catwalk wearing
them. Here Astrid joins their ranks in her fine, individual 

Astrid 604

No thunder and lightning threats, it all cleared up above us.
It makes all the difference in the world for the posing - and
for the invisible photographer as well!

Astrid 603

Astrid posing great in a recent arrival from Germany

Astrid 602

Glasses: Casino Collection, probably late 1990's
[L: -0.75; c-0.75 o / R: -0.50; c-0.75 h]

Astrid 601

Fine posing by Astrid in a remarkable pair of Silhouette
glasses, made about 20 years ago. The design is really
something else. Floating lenses, guarded by silver balls.
The lenses are tinted yellow and only the right lens has
a reading addition. Martin from Köln supplied these glasses
and I thank Astrid for her willingness to pose in them. Great!

Astrid 600

Surprise, surprise.... the thunder storm did not break through.
Instead, the sky cleared up for a while, or so it seemed.
Funny things can happen during photo shoots!

Astrid 599

Glasses: Silhouette 1816, early 1990's
[L: -6.00 / R: -5.50; c-0.50 h; var add 2.50]

donderdag 23 juni 2011

Astrid 598

Another fun portrait of four eyed Astrid posing behind
a face à main from the days of her great-great-grandparents

Astrid 597

Face à main are not rare, but nine times out of ten they
were used as readers. I bought this pair with pictures
like this in mind.

Astrid 596

Astrid posed in the main competitor of the face à main,
the pince-nez, during her first photo shoot, in a frozen
forest. I forgot to ask her which of the alternatives was
the most comfortable for her, but the answer can be read
from her big smile. Admittedly, it's fun posing nowadays
in the ancestors of what we now call glasses, but I doubt
if it was fun for the first owner who was highly dependent
on this face à main with Rx -7.... Long live the progress
in technology!

Astrid 595

Face à main (or lorgnette) was a highly popular choice
for eyeware from about 1880 until 1910. Not a very
"handy" choice if one was a high myope, but presumably
the first owner of this face a main only used it when it was
absolutely necessary.

Astrid 594

Glasses: face à main (or lorgnette), circa 1900
[L=R: -7.00]

Astrid 593

Astrid is just about to change glasses, replacing these
stylish Da Vinci glasses for an antique pair which by
definition needs one helping hand instead of two....

Astrid 592

These distinguished glasses by Da Vinci were previously
used in my photo shoots with Karen and Jolien. When
Astrid put the glasses on, they seemed unwilling to stay
in a stable position. So a couple of helping hands were
needed.... Astrid has always been blessed with perfect
eyesight so she does not need to struggle with unwilling
glasses when driving a car!

Astrid 591

Glasses: Da Vinci, late 1980's / early 1990's
[L=R: -1.50]

Astrid 590

Feast of recognition.... Astrid asked me to be gentle with
the diopters for this encore photo shoot and I did my best...

Astrid 589

Astrid posing fine in another pair of 1980's Rodenstock
glasses that had escaped my attention during all the
previous photo shoots

Astrid 588

Glasses: Rodenstock Exclusiv, 1980's
[L: -0.25; c-0.25 v / R: -0.25; c+0.50 o]

Astrid 587

Arguably the best portrait in this photo shoot. The posing
is superb and the glasses are a very fine match indeed.
Hat off for Astrid!

Astrid 586

These "Lady" Rodenstock glasses have been in my collection
for many years but this is the first time they were used in a
photo shoot. A case of not seeing the wood through the trees!

Astrid 585

Glasses: Rodenstock (Lady 900), 1980's
[L: -2.75; c-0.75 o / R: -2.75; c-0.50 o / bif add 2.25]

Astrid 584

Fine posing by Astrid in sunglasses by Sergio Tacchini

Astrid 583

When Astrid saw the two tables filled with transition
glasses and sunglasses, this was the very first pair she
picked out for her photo shoot

Astrid 582

Glasses: Sergio Tacchini
[L: -0.75 / R: -1.00]

Astrid 581

The threat of thunder and lightning was forgotten when
we progressed with the photo shoot....

Astrid 580

Astrid posing in 1960's style varifocal sunglasses by
Rodenstock. The glasses were probably made around
the turn of the century

Astrid 579

Glasses: Rodenstock 4372, neo 1960's style
[L: +2.00; c+0.75 o / R: +2.75; c+0.50 h / var add 2.50]

Astrid 578

Astrid posing in one of a few dozen pairs which I had
put aside with Marieke in mind.

Astrid 577

Glasses: OGZ, Frame Italy, 1970's
[L=R: +1.25 / bif add 2.50]

Astrid 576

Astrid posing in bifocals by Marwitz, made some 40
years ago. The glasses were not used in any of my
previous photo shoots. Many more glasses with a Rx
around +2.50 (for long distance) are patiently waiting
for a model with the appropriate prescription!

Astrid 575

Glasses: Marwitz, early 1970's
[L: +2.75 / R: +2.50; c+0.25 v / bif add 3.25]

Astrid 574

A few months ago, the Silhouette company kindly sent
me information about the year of manufacture of this and
many other pairs. Much appreciated!

Astrid 573

Glasses: Silhouette 35, made in 1971
[L: -3.25; c-0.50 v / R: -4.00]

Astrid 572

Glasses: nameless, late 1980's
[L: +2.75 / R: +0.50 / var add 2.75]

Astrid chose this pair because it matched with her pink
blouse. The glasses were not used in previous photo shoots.

Astrid 571

Fine posing by Astrid in Elcé glasses that were bought by
their first owner in 1976. Twenty years later, the lady in
question kindly gave me a box with all her old glasses.
These Elcé glasses were previously featured in my photo
shoots with Nanda and Karen

Astrid 570

Glasses: Elcé (Sunny), 1976
[L: -1.00; c-0.50 h / R: -1.25; c-0.50 h]

Astrid 569

Astrid posing in very dark sunglasses by Hans Stepper.
The glasses were recently acquired. The same frame, in
a different colour and a mild minus prescription, can be
seen in my photo shoots with Irma, Karen and Jolien

Astrid 568

Glasses: Hans Stepper, 1990's
[L: +1.00; c+1.25 v / R: 0]

Astrid 567

These 1970's "Maud" glasses were bought at a street
fair in Amersfoort, last year

Astrid 566

Glasses: called "Maud", 1970's
[L: -1.00 / R: -0.75]