maandag 20 augustus 2012

Daisy 263

This beautiful portrait of Daisy posing in the Tiaotiaotu glasses concludes her photo shoot which lasted three hours, the selection process of the glasses included. Her posing here is no less than superb and it's one of my favorite portraits from the entire photo shoot. Daisy is the 36th Lady behind Crystal Veil.

Daisy, thank you for your stamina, your open mind, your pleasant company and your inimitable, strikingly beautiful way of posing! You really added something unique to the project. I am glad that some pictures of you in your everyday glasses were included on your website and also on your portfolio for Model Mayhem. When I contacted you, it was reassuring to hear that you thought a photo shoot in prescription glasses was an interesting idea. The requirements for good posing in glasses are quite different from the usual themes in photo shoots - less dynamics, a meticulous care for details and above all, an ability to handle abstractions, especially when posing in glasses that are far too strong. You passed the test in every respect, displaying all the hallmarks of a great model. I wish you success in your modeling career!

It was a wonderful experience to be back at a photo shoot after a long absence due to a bad concussion.

A word of thanks is due to the staff of Ooidonk Castle for their kind permission to use the gardens of this manificent castle. From what I heard from my life partner Nel, the castle itself is definitely worth a visit but that will have to wait for another occasion.

Dear Nel, thank you for your invaluable help in the preparation of this photo shoot by spending a day in search for suitable locations.

This photo shoot is dedicated to my brother Guus who - in spite of his terminal illness - urged me to go on holidays and get some fresh fuel in the tank for the up coming months.

Daisy 262

A final portrait of Daisy "en face", showing the intricacies of biconcave myodisc lenses, Rx -29.00. Note the importance of the expression of the lips which seem magnified when the eyes look reduced to less than half their normal size. Thank you, Daisy, for your cooperation in this unusual experiment!

Daisy 261

One more look at the very impressionist gardens of Castle Ooidonk.....

Daisy 260

Daisy near the end of her short journey into the land of extreme myopia. Many of my models find it an amusing experiment but they often say, "I'm glad that I don't need such strong glasses myself!".

Daisy 259


Daisy 258


Daisy 257


Daisy 256


Daisy 255


Daisy 254


Daisy 253


Daisy 252


Daisy 251


Daisy 250


Daisy 249

To say that Daisy saw her court photographer in a blur would be an understatement. We did some navigation to produce portraits in which the glasses and their effect on the model can be seen from several vantage points. Again, there is no need for further narrative so I will leave the viewer in the pleasant company of Daisy for another while. Enjoy!

Daisy 248

These extreme glasses were sent to me by Steve's Glasses Shop (SGS) from China. The "bowls" are surrounded by a section that looks like -8 in strength, caused by the curve of the front side of the lenses.

Daisy 247

These are the strongest glasses in my collection. The lenses are biconcave myodiscs, 14 millimeters thick at the edges. The size of the "bowls" is 28 millimeters.

Daisy 246

Glasses: nameless, biconcave myodiscs
[L=R: -29.00]

Daisy 245

Another experiment, this time with biconcave myodisc glasses.

Daisy 244

These remarkable Tiaotiaotu glasses were sent to me by Steve's Glasses Shop. The frame is really striking and Daisy was curious enough to try the experiment.

Daisy 243

Glasses: Tiaotiaotu
[L=R: -12.00]

Daisy 242

Daisy behind two walls of glass, held by an unusual but striking leopard frame....

Daisy 241

This final portrait of Daisy in contemporary glasses by Zenni can only be described as gorgeous. What a pity that I brought only a couple of really strong glasses on the holiday trip to Belgium. Anyway, be prepared for the finale of Daisy in some big guns from my collection....

zondag 19 augustus 2012

Daisy 240

Another example of superb and above all, credible posing by Daisy.

Daisy 239


Daisy 238

This is one of my favorite portraits from this section with the new glasses. Superb posing indeed. Daisy has that quality, especially with stronger glasses that only created a blur when she put them up.

Daisy 237

The solid giant frame distracts the attention from the power rings in the lenses, especially when compared to the red metal frame with split arms in one of the previous series.

Daisy 236

The last of a dozen modern glasses selected by Daisy for her photo shoot was this massive giant, not used in my previous photo shoots. She said that she liked the frame color but the size of the frame would probably be over the top for use in real life. Judge for yourself - I was happy that Daisy was ready to give them a try!

Daisy 235

Glasses: Zenni ....
[L=R: -8.00]

vrijdag 17 augustus 2012

Daisy 234

When I was young, it was always said that red haired ladies had to deal with far more limitations in frame choice than blondes and brunettes. In her photo shoot Daisy clearly demonstrates that the statement from earlier times is completely outdated. Equally important, Daisy's posing here is as beautiful and credible as it was when the photo shoot started.

Daisy 233

Nothing but praise for the professional way Daisy acted right till the very end of her photo shoot!

Daisy 232

Heavenly looks.... Watching the cloudy sky is helpful against fatigue and eye strain, especially near the end of a three hour photo shoot.

Daisy 231

Daisy showing a subtle pair of Zenni glasses in a nice color, complementary to her beautiful red curls.

Daisy 230

Glasses: Zenni 2796
[L=R: -8.00]

Daisy 229

Another striking series delivered by the indefatigable Daisy. Again, nothing but praise for the posing!

Daisy 228


Daisy 227


Daisy 226


Daisy 225


Daisy 224


Daisy 223


Daisy 222


Daisy 221

Number ten from a section in which Daisy poses in a dozen recent arrivals. I was not surprised when she decided to give these red metal glasses with split arms a try.  

Daisy 220

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Daisy 219

Another fine series thanks to the strong, credible posing by Daisy!

Daisy 218


Daisy 217


Daisy 216


Daisy 215

Daisy posing in a striking pair of contemporary glasses by Zenni. The glasses were previously used in my photo shoots with Claudia Allegonda and Margriet. The contrast between the deep red near the nose bridge and the clear blue near the sides makes this frame interesting for red haired ladies.

Daisy 214

Glasses: Zenni 2714
[L=R: -8.00]