donderdag 28 februari 2013

Nathalie & Kimberley 187

This beautiful, caring double portrait of identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley concludes their photo shoot.
Nathalie and Kimberly are the 38th and 39th Ladies behind Crystal Veil.

A word of thanks goes to my friendly neighbor Joke for giving me instruction about the use of Picasa so that I was finally able to do some basic photo editing myself.

I also wish to thank my life partner Nel for the use of her office when the cold outside became prohibitive and equally important, for her suggestion to choose identical glasses for the photo shoot with the identical twins.

Which brings me to the twin models themselves. Nathalie and Kimberly, in my honest opinion you did a wonderful job. I appreciate the open way you accepted my invitation for this quiet but slightly eccentric photo shoot in prescription glasses. I was impressed by your stamina and the way you picked up many of my instructions which lead into a different direction than you experienced during your previous photo shoots. The photo shoot got better and better as our work progressed. I also appreciate the highly individual way of posing. Each of you remained true to herself during the dress up party in often extreme prescription glasses. I  was charmed by many moments of spontaneity form your side as well. All in all you posed in over three dozen glasses, far more than what I had bargained for. This says a lot about your ability to concentrate on the task ahead. You definitely added something special and unique to my project. I wish you every success in your future modeling career!

Readers wishing to approach the models for a photo shoot:  

woensdag 27 februari 2013

Nathalie & Kimberley 186

When I produced these extreme, highly contrasting myodisc glasses for the finale grandioso of their photo shoot, it took the twins only a moment to decide who would pose in which pair of glasses. Nathalie opted for the "Snowy Princess" and Kimberley favored the purple Feizai glasses. Excellent team work!

Nathalie & Kimberley 185

Back into some serious posing - identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley in extreme glasses from SGS, Rx a trifling -25 and -27.

Nathalie & Kimberley 184

Nathalie returns to a pensive mood style of posing while twin sister Kimberley is cracking up with laughter. The highly individual way of posing by the twins certainly adds a flavor of its own to their photo shoot!

Nathalie & Kimberley 183

Identical twins Nathalie and Kimberly posing in some of the strongest glasses in my collection, both supplied by Steve's Glasses Shop from China. It speaks well for the professionalism and team spirit of both models that they kept posing in a spontaneous, cheerful manner right till the very end of their three hour photo shoot.

Nathalie & Kimberley 182

Glasses: myodiscs supplied by Steve's Glasses Shop from China
Left (Nathalie): nameless, nicknamed the "Snowy Princess" [L=R: -25.00]
Right (Kimberley): Feizai [L=R: -27.00]

Nathalie & Kimberley 181

An "encore" performance by the twins posing in identical myodisc glasses by KoVa, Rx -25 (left) and -20.

Nathalie & Kimberley 180

Great posing by identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley in myodisc glasses by KoVa from China, supplied by Steve's Glasses Shop.

Nathalie & Kimberley 179

"Of course you can have our attention, Mr. Photographer. After all, it's your party as well as ours :)"

Nathalie & Kimberley 178

"Hey girls, can I have your attention, please?"

Nathalie & Kimberley 177

"That's better, now we're on even terms. But before I give you the answer, please tell me honestly what you think of my glasses".

Nathalie & Kimberley 176

"Hold on,Nathalie.... I have to put my own myodisc glasses on to make a proper assessment of your looks!"

Nathalie & Kimberley 175

Peer group advice requested - "What do you think of these extreme glasses, sister Kimberley?"

Nathalie & Kimberley 174

Kimberley had her solo spot posing in myodisc glasses by Zenni and not to be outdone, Nathalie has her stand alone portrait in biconcave myodisc glasses by KoVa from China. It's not the 25 diopters that count, it's the attitude and determination. Well done, Nathalie!

Nathalie & Kimberley 173

Fine, spontaneous posing by identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley in identical grey glasses by KoVa from China, Rx -20 and -25. Neither of these myodisc glasses was used in any of my previous photo shoots. Kimberley's glasses are fitted with biconcave myodisc lenses.

Nathalie & Kimberley 172

Glasses: KoVa, supplied by SGS (Steve's Glasses Shop) from China
Left (Nathalie): [L=R: -20.00] (myodiscs)
Right (Kimberley): [L=R: -25.00] (biconcave myodiscs)

Nathalie & Kimberley 171

Walls of glass in striking frames by Tiaotiaotu, supplied by Steve's Glasses Shop from China. Nathalie is wearing myodisc glasses. Kimberly wears leopard glasses fitted with lenses with plano fronts.

Nathalie & Kimberley 170

Nothing wrong with being highly myopic twins - our court photographer will restore our eyesight soon!

Nathalie & Kimberley 169

Another spontaneous moment captured - identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley checking each other's looks through veritable walls of glass. Wonderful!

Nathalie & Kimberley 168

Aside from the effects caused by the strong lenses I was curious if the broad oval frames of these Tiaotiaotu glasses would blend with the rather narrow faced twins. I was not disappointed by the - slightly eccentric - outcome, partially enhanced by the fine, free posing.

Nathalie & Kimberley 167

This striking couple of strong prescription glasses by Tiaotiaotu was arguably the best that was ever supplied by SGS (Steve's Glasses Shop) from China. Noticing that fatigue was on its way I asked the twins to pose looking over the glasses before they put them on. The frames colors are entirely different so I left the choice to the twins who would be wearing which pair. It took them less than a second to reach an agreement!

Nathalie & Kimberley 166

Glasses: Tiaotiaotu
Left (Nathalie): [L=R: -16.00] (myodiscs)
Right (Kimberley): [L=R: -12.00]

Nathalie & Kimberley 165

Another fine double portrait of the twins as their adieu to Zenni glasses.... Enter SGS!

Nathalie & Kimberley 164

Another spontaneous moment captured - Nathalie and Kimberley exchanging cheerful looks towards each other, ignoring the barrier of strong lenses that only created a massive blur. Apparently, telepathy is not uncommon among identical twins.... Great!

Nathalie & Kimberley 163

Gorgeous posing by identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley in strong glasses by Zenni, Rx -8 and -12. This is another favorite photo of mine. Feel free to disagree :).

Nathalie & Kimberley 162

A beautiful double portrait of the twins posing in bold giant Zenni glasses. One of my absolute favorites from their epic photo shoot!

Nathalie & Kimberley 161

Devotion or twins on strike? Neither. Simply a moment captured that's often part of the routine during my photo shoots. Closing the eyes for a few seconds gives instantaneous relief and quite often the best portraits are produced right after a mini break with closed eyes. This moment was no exception so be prepared for some gorgeous posing by the twins....

Nathalie & Kimberley 160

Identical twins posing in identical glasses by Zenni.... When seeing this bold big frame in their catalog I ordered the glasses straightaway. Shortly afterwards I ordered the same frame again, fitted with lenses in the prescription of my life partner Nel (-11 / -12) and we used them during a a brief but fine photo shoot. Nel subsequently decided that they would be ideal as sunglasses so I ordered a pair in her prescription for long distance and another pair in her prescription for close work. After seeing the photo shoot, Nel changed her mind about the use of these frames as sunglasses only and we are now awaiting the arrival of a third frame, fitted with varifocal lenses by ciliaryblue. Needless to say that these big red glasses sprang to my mind when selecting identical glasses for the identical twins.

Nathalie & Kimberley 159

Glasses: Zenni 2799
Left (Nathalie): [L=R: -8.00]
Right (Kimberley): [L: -11.00; c-1.25 v / R: -11.50; c-1.25 v]

Nathalie & Kimberley 158

Cheerful posing by the identical twins in cataract glasses. I never saw cheerful ladies who were dependent on  their cataract glasses in real life but my photo shoots in prescription glasses are all about "ladies that exist and don't exist" at the same time. It was great to witness the fun shared by the twins during their posing in these "impossible" glasses. Hat off for Nathalie and Kimberley!

Nathalie & Kimberley 157

Visible connection between the identical twins finally restored. All four eyes are back - or should we speak of eight eyes?

Nathalie & Kimberley 156

More of Nathalie's eyelashes appearing while hazel eyed Kimberley watches her twin sister closely. Note the blended hyperdisc (or Lentilux) in front of Kimberley's left eye.

Nathalie & Kimberley 155

Concentrated posing by the twins who moved their heads ever so slowly towards their photographer, revealing the effects of the lenses in cataract glasses. Note Nathalie's giant eyelashes emerging

Nathalie & Kimberley 154

Kimberley keeping a close eye to the surreal play of the light in Nathalie's cataract glasses. The lenses in the "Gaby" pair are much thicker than the lenses in the Menrad glasses which may be high indez, an innovation that took place during the late 1980's.

Nathalie & Kimberley 153

This is almost perfect privacy indeed - eye contact between the twins and for the twins only! This double portrait stands out because of Kimberley's giant eyelashes and the weird light effects in Nathalie's lenses.

Nathalie & Kimberley 152

Near the end of the selection process of the glasses for the photo shoot with the identical twins I thought of two cataract glasses with rather similar frames. Nathalie (left) is posing in a nameless pair called "Gaby" and Kimberley is sporting a pair of Menrad glasses. The difference of three diopters between both lenses in the Menrad glasses leads me to believe that the left lens was used for close work and the right lens for long distance. If so, this saved their first owner a lot of money compared with the cost of bifocals, and perhaps a fall on steps or stairs as well. I remember seeing ladies in cataract glasses from my youth until perhaps 15 years ago when implant lenses became the standard procedure. It was extremely hard for the owners of cataract glasses to lead a normal life because of the strong image contortions through the lenses. Neither of these pairs was used in any of my fifty previous photo shoots. The determined look of Kimberley pointing straight towards her photographer is most impressive.

Nathalie & Kimberley 151

Cataract glasses....
Left (Nathalie): called "Gaby", 1990's [L: +11.50; c+2.00 o / R: +11.50]
Right (Kimberley): Menrad, 1990's [L: +12.00; c+1.50 o / R: +9.00; c+1.00 h]

Nathalie & Kimberley 150

Both these Zenni 3310 glasses were featured in many of my previous photo shoots. The frame has been in the Zenni catalog for more than three years. I still have to meet the first model who does not look great in these frames, regardless the power of the lenses.

Nathalie & Kimberley 149

The twins just after they swapped their Zenni glasses for comparison.

Nathalie & Kimberley 148

The twins operate as a unit when it comes to modeling but for the sake of variety here is a brief solo spot for Kimberley posing in minus 19 myodisc glasses by Zenni.

Nathalie & Kimberley 147

Two smiling twin models behind strong glasses - most rewarding for their court photographer!

Nathalie & Kimberley 146

Identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley showing my definition of a proper Crystal Veil. More power to your rings!

Nathalie & Kimberley 145

Another "entre nous" between the identical twins. Nathalie sends an encouraging smile and a witty remark to her sister Kimberley who is fully aware that she is now wearing extremely strong myodisc glasses.

Nathalie & Kimberley 144

Nathalie and Kimberley looking at the ceiling of Nel's office to produce credible, natural looks behind strong glasses made by Zenni, -8 and -19. Well done, girls!

Nathalie & Kimberley 143

The twins showing the difference between strong glasses and extremely strong glasses....

Nathalie & Kimberley 142

Ready for yet another takeoff, identical twins Nathalie and Kimberley are peering over the lenses of a couple of identical contemporary glasses by Zenni. Nathalie's glasses have the "standard" Rx of -8.00 at photo shoots. For contrast, Kimberley's glasses are fitted with myodisc lenses of minus 19.

Nathalie & Kimberley 141

Glasses: Zenni 3310
Left (Nathalie): [L=R: -8.00]
Right (Kimberley): [L: -19.25 / R: -19.75]

Nathalie & Kimberley 140

Another fine double portrait of the twins posing in strong glasses made by Rodenstock some 30 years ago.

Nathalie & Kimberley 139

Especially after swapping glasses it was a small ritual for the twins to compare each other's looks behind the new lenses. Here it's Nathalie wearing the extremely strong glasses.

Nathalie & Kimberley 138

Identical twins Nathalie (left) and Kimberley (right) showing the difference between power rings in minus seven lenses and mighty power rings in glasses with a prescription above minus fifteen.