maandag 30 mei 2011

Esther 172

This spontaneous "hide and seek" portrait of Esther
concludes her photo shoot.

I wish to thank Esther for her pleasant company and
her excellent posing under difficult lighting circumstances.
Also for her highly individual choice of glasses and the
asymmetrical hairstyle. The combination resulted in a
photo shoot with more experimentation and variation
than in most of my previous photo shoots. I really enjoyed
the new dimension! The eulogy would not be complete
without mentioning the amazing natural look produced by
Esther, regardless the Rx of the glasses.

Esther, thank you so much for your spontaneity and the
"sparkle" in this wonderful photo shoot. It was my privilege
and honour to work with you.
Hat off for this 25th lady behind crystal veil!

Esther 171

Arguably the best portrait in the whole series featuring
nameless 1980's blended myodiscs and the red heart.
Esther kept producing a beautiful natural look right until
the end of her photo shoot, just as if these are her own
glasses. In reality, the Rx is ten diopters over her own Rx.
Quiet, yet glorious posing!

Esther 170

There is a dreamer quality in this lovely portrait of
Esther in blended myodiscs from Germany

Esther 169

This combination of blended myodiscs and the big heart
was used during my photo shoot with Carla, a highly
experienced model. One of her portraits was used on the
invitation card for the exhibition. I always wanted to do an
outdoor photo shoot with the blended myodiscs and the
red heart. Esther fitted the bill perfectly! 

Esther 168

Comfortable posing by Esther in blended myodiscs, Rx -12.
The glasses were featured in many of my previous photo
shoots. My partner Nel danced a lively salsa wearing these
myodiscs during the first part of the catwalk at the opening
of my exhibition "Ladies behind Crystal Veil". Nel had the
advantage over the other models that her own prescription
is only one diopter short of these blended myodiscs

Esther 167

Some of the intricacies peculiar to blended myodiscs can
be seen here. The carrier lens plays its tricks with the model's
right eye and an abrupt image jump (caused by the other
carrier lens) is visible under the left eye

Esther 166

A fine spontaneous moment between all the concentrated

Esther 165

A thing that always amazes me is talk about "tiny eyes",
even behind glasses of only four diopters. Esther poses
here in blended myodiscs, twelve diopters in strength.
Where are the tiny eyes?

Needless to say, this fine portrait shows Lentilux glasses
under their most favourable angle. But this is how the first
owner of the glasses must have seen herself in the mirror,
a generation back, and no doubt she was delighted. Only
the milky shades betray that there's something the matter.
A pity that no optician had portraits like this made after the
invention of blended myodiscs.... 

Esther 164

Everything is right here - strong glasses but only if one
allows the brain to take over, discarding the feel of this
portrait. Esther looks stunning here, but what I like best
is the effortless way of posing and the touch of mystery

Esther 163

Esther posing in a lovely manner with three essentials for
a great photo shoot. A big heart for the enterprise :), fine
blended myodiscs that suit her face, and a clear look towards
her court photographer. Camaraderie at its best!

Esther 162

A great, spontaneous portrait of Esther in 1980's blended
myodiscs from Germany. There is nothing obtrusive in the
image of the transition between bowl and carrier lens. The
posing is relaxed and has a natural feel to it

Esther 161

All in all, Esther posed in some three dozen glasses
and it's appropriate to finish her photo shoot with a
pair of Lentilux myodiscs that blended perfectly.
Note the position of bowl and carrier lens in front of
Esther's right eye and the lack of such information in
front of her left eye. The miracles of blended myodiscs!

Esther 160

Glasses: nameless, blended myodiscs, mid / late 1980's
[L: -11.50; c-1.00 v / R: -12.00; c-1.00 h]

Esther 159

"Hi twin sister, how are you?" - high time to bring Esther halfway back
home (in Rx) for the final series of portraits in this grand photo shoot.
For the record, her mild myopia was restored in a giffy after the glorious
portraits that come next. My models always take good care of themselves!

Esther 158

Esther going extreme, yet maintaining good taste - this
is another of my favourite portraits from her remarkable
photo shoot.

Esther 157

Esther & Esther both looking spontaneous and great
in Feizai myodiscs, Rx -27

zondag 29 mei 2011

Esther 156

The good thing about the hall of my house is that the front door could
be opened and half closed. Wish we'd had that option outdoors!
I like the radiant smile here. Great posing, Esther!

Esther 155

Esther has a highly individual style in looks and in her way of posing.
She did so well during the entire photo shoot that I felt safe trying this
experiment with the mirror, trusting that it would not be "over the top".
Judge for yourself - but in my view, this double portrait has all the
hallmarks of superb modeling!

Esther 154

A fine double portrait of Esther in the mirror, sporting extreme Feizai
myodiscs from SGS, some 25 diopters above her own Rx

Esther 153

Esther thought that the Feizai myodiscs would be good for a bit of fun
and extravaganza and she was absolutely right!

Esther 152

When I showed Esther a shoe box full of myodiscs, she zoomed in
on this rather extreme pair which she later described as "just like
swimming goggles". So it was time for a dive into the unfathomable
depth of extreme (but fortunately, reversible) myopia....

Esther 151

Glasses: Feizai (myodiscs), from SGS, China
[L=R: -27.00]

Esther 150

Sparkling Esther showing that looking great in myodiscs
is not a contradictio in terminis. Even behind -22 diopters
she manages a wonderful, natural way of posing. It's all a
matter of self confidence!

Esther 149

These Depai myodiscs were supplied by SGS (Steve's
Glasses Shop) from China

Esther 148

Glasses: Depai (myodiscs with frosted lenses)
[L=R: -22.00]

Esther 147

Serene posing by Esther in beautiful blended myodiscs by
Flair, Rx -14. The peculiar reddish half moon mext to her
left eye is the minified side wall of my house, surrounded
by the positive carrier lens. By contrast, the lens in front of
the right eye looks almost plano

Esther 146

Characteristic for blended myodiscs is the way the images
change with the slightest movement of the head. Here the
gradual transition between the central "bowl" (Rx -14) and
the surrounding, slightly positive carrier lens comes into the

Esther 145

Some of the advantages of Lentilux lenses over ordinary
myodiscs can be seen here. There are no power rings
and the "cut in" effect is reduced to an intriguing "half moon"
next to the model's left eye 

Esther 144

Blended myodiscs (or in German, Lentilux) were the
most sophisticated glasses for very high myopic ladies

Esther 143

Glasses: Flair, early 1990's (blended myodiscs)
[L: -13.00; c-1.00 v / R: -14.00]

zaterdag 28 mei 2011

Esther 142

This is one of my favourite portraits of this photo shoot.
Marvelous posing!

Esther then kindly agreed to be transformed into a high myopic
lady for the final phase of her photo shoot. Myodiscs....

Esther 141

The selection process of new glasses by my models is not
unlike what happens in an optician's shop. High myopes
have to rely on the advice of the optician who has only the
empty frames available. Here Esther, like many other models,
is in the reverse situation. All the glasses are equipped with 
prescription lenses with Rx -8, some six diopters above her
own prescription. The advantage of this handicap is that the
selection phase often yields some of the best portraits in the
entire photo shoot 

Esther 140

Discussing the pros and cons of the various frames is
always an interesting element in this part of any photo
shoot. All I could do here was praising Esther for her
looks in these big Zenni glasses

Esther 139

More great posing by Esther in her other favourite pair
of new Zenni glasses, Rx -8. Again, the power rings in
the lens add to the liveliness of this portrait

Esther 138

Back to posing between ferns and nettles....

Esther 137

This is the other pair of Zenni glasses that caught Esther's
fancy rightaway

Esther 136

Glasses: Zenni 2620
[L=R: -8.00]

Esther 135

To my eyes, there is a touch of Marilyn Monroe in the
way Esther poses from this angle

Esther 134

The power rings in the lenses add greatly to the general
feel of this beautiful portrait of Esther

Esther 133

Modeling can be hard work - we kept looking for shelter
against the intense sunlight. Here, Esther is standing in a
bed of ferns and nettles but she kept on posing great as if
she was surrounded by wine and roses....

Esther 132

"These glasses look great on you, Esther!"

Esther 131

Esther was pleased with these glasses as soon as she
saw them - and quite justifiably so!

Esther 130

Glasses: Zenni 2378
[L=R: -8.00]

vrijdag 27 mei 2011

Esther 129

Esther looking gorgeous in these newly arrived Zenni
glasses. Her natural way of posing in glasses with lenses
six diopters above her own Rx was amazing!

Esther 128

Esther liked this purple frame for the design of the arms 

Esther 127

Glasses: Zenni 2673
[L=R: -8.00]

Esther 126

Esther enjoyed her photo shoot and I enjoyed her
spontaneous reactions!

Esther 125

Esther posing in a pair of Zenni glasses that I recently
gave to my partner Nel for all her support to the project.
Ciliaryblue fitted super high index (1.74) varifocal lenses
(Rx -12) in the frame for only 200 GBP. Esther wears
the standard testing frame with Rx -8.00

Esther 124

"Too big, too wide, I think...."

Esther 123

Glasses: Zenni 2528
[L=R: -8.00]