zaterdag 30 april 2011


Yesterday, Marieke was back for another photo shoot which we
baptized "D-Day" because of our allied forces during the process!

zaterdag 16 april 2011

Jolien 260

This lovely portrait of Jolien in the funniest of Zenni glasses
concludes her photo shoot.

I wish to thank Jolien for her fine, natural way of posing and also
for the stamina displayed during two and a half hours of non stop
posing in over 100 glasses. Not every model is given to that.
The same goes for the results of the posing in glasses way
beyond Jolien's own mild prescription. When looking at many
portraits behind strong glasses one is lead to beleive that Jolien
is a real high myope and the glasses are her own.
Hat off for this lady behind crystal veil!

A word of thanks is also due to Andy for supporting his
wife during the afternoon. Andy served as an invisible beacon
for Jolien and I look forward to hear which pair of glasses
won the competition. Sincere thanks to both of you!

Jolien 259

Glasses: Zenni (2215 / 2306, now out of stock)
[L: -8.00]

Jolien 258

Fine, natural posing by Jolien in a pair nicknamed the
"spice girl" glasses. Some ten of my previous models
posed in them. Here Jolien joins their ranks to great effect

Jolien 257

Glasses: Zenni 3304
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 256

Glasses: Zenni 2227
[L=R: -8.00]

Another recent arrival, this eyecatcher was first featured
in my photo shoot with Karen

Jolien 255

Another fine capture of Jolien in what may be called the
Marlene Ottey glasses

Jolien 254

I was not surprised when Jolien selected these glasses
for testing. They were liked by many of my models but
so far they are the "eternal second" when it comes to a

Jolien 253

Glasses: Zenni 3871
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 252

Glasses: Zenni 2294
[L=R: -8.00]

The same glasses, with a burgundy frame, were part of
my exhibition. Nel uses them occasionaly as a spare pair

Jolien 251

A striking portrait of Jolien in contemporary cat eye
glasses by Zenni. Beautiful!

Jolien 250

Glasses: Zenni 4839
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 249

This is another recent arrival. Not an everyday frame but
the echo of the cat eye era is interesting. These glasses
were first used in my photo shoot with Karen

Jolien 248

Glasses: Zenni 4844
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 247

Some frames just have that mysterious quality - they seem
to suit entirely different faces. That's what good design is
all about

Jolien 246

One of my previous models (Elena) commented on this
Zenni frame: "These glasses have power, beauty and style".
Elena was absolutely right. Several models chose this frame
for use in everyday life

Jolien 245

Glasses: Zenni 3310
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 244

Another fine portrait of Jolien in pink glasses by Zenni

Jolien 243

When I opened the box with some fifty Zenni frames,
Jolien selected a dozen or so for the selection. She fancied
this newly arrived pink frame straightaway

Jolien 242

Glasses: Zenni
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 241

Jolien holding the mirror while Andy gives his advice
from a different angle....

Jolien 240

Jolien checking her looks in the mirror through minus
eight lenses

Jolien 239

These Zenni glasses are among the favourites of my models
and several of them, like Gita and Conny, chose this frame
for use in everyday life

Jolien 238

Glasses: Zenni 2307
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 237

Once more, Andy is giving his opinion about the merits
of the frame while keeping the mirror in position

Jolien 236

Jolien posing in the tortoise version of the glasses shown
in her portraits 215-218

Jolien 235

Glasses: Zenni 3390
[L=R: -6.00]

Jolien 234

Wouldn't it be nice if opticians had outdoor shops in the
summer season? Here Jolien is listening to her husband
Andy giving his opinion about these glasses

Jolien 233

The shape of the arms of these glasses is nice!

Jolien 232

These glasses were ordered with my partner Nel in mind.
She made a different choice and I hope to post the outcome
in the near future. The same glasses in red were featured in
my photo shoot with Karen

Jolien 231

Glasses: Zenni 2673
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 230

Jolien doing an impressionist check of her looks in
purple Zenni glasses, Rx -8

Jolien 229

Ten minutes before the experiment with the mirror,
Jolien posed in the same frame in a different colour
and with a higher Rx. Judge for yourself - in my opinion
both options are great!

Jolien 228

Glasses: Zenni 2611
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 227

"Mirror mirror on the wall....
who's the fairest of them all?"

Jolien 226

Real team work - Jolien's husband Andy was instrumental by keeping
the mirror in the upright position required. Andy also gave his first
impression about the merits of the various frames. Many high myopic
clients in opticians shops have to rely on the opinion of either the
optician or their husband. Jolien only has mild myopia in everyday
life but here in -8 glasses she needed the feedback. Some opticians
offer video images to help their clients with the frame choice and my
portraits provide a similar assistance to my models

Jolien 225

A brief word of explanation about the dusty condition of the mirror -
I made a deliberate choice to leave it like that. This puts more emphasis
on the difference between the models portrayed

Jolien 224

Glasses: Zenni 3385
[L=R: -8.00]

Jolien 223

Glasses: Zenni 4428
[L=R: -8.00]

Two years ago I did an extensive photo shoot with Nel in her own
Zenka glasses with clips in many colours. At some stage in the photo
shoot we used a big mirror with a solid rim, creating double portraits.
Here the procedure is repeated with a big rimless mirror that was part
of a small exhibition with glasses in the 1980's. Jolien is posing in a
frame that is now out of stock. The glasses were used to great effect
in many previous photo shoots - Carla, Farishta and Nanda spring to
mind - and Jolien was eager to give them a try. What makes these
glasses special is the standard 1.57 floating lens, a centimeter thick at
the edge and effectively barring the peep inside 

vrijdag 15 april 2011

Jolien 222

Another relaxed and above all, natural portrait of Jolien
in contemporary Zenni glasses, Rx -12. You'd swear they
are her own glasses!

Jolien 221

Jolien posing in the glasses with the roses. Another very
suitable frame for strong minus prescriptions

Jolien 220

These glasses were baptized by Farishta, another model
who did a memorable photo shoot on the same location.
She called them "the glasses with the roses"

Jolien 219

Glasses: Zenni 3391
[L: -13.00 / R: -12.00]

Jolien 218

Amused Jolien producing remarkably natural looks in
Zenni glasses, Rx -12

Jolien 217

Most glasses out of which the models can choose are
fitted with -8 lenses. Last year I ordered five frames in
a higher prescription, especially for high myopic ladies.
These glasses were first used in the Petra photo shoot.
Lens thickness is 12 to 13 millimeters at the edges

Jolien 216

Jolien posing in one of the most popular frames among
my models. Unfortunately it's currently out of stock in
this beautiful colour combination

Jolien 215

Glasses: Zenni 3390
[L: -13.00 / R: -12.00]

Jolien 214

Another fine portrait of Jolien in contemporary glasses
by Zenni. Also used to great effect in my photo shoot
with Karen

Jolien 213

It often happens during photo shoots that the posing gets
better and better. This has to do with the mutual acquaintance
and understanding. A good photo shoot is team work.

Jolien 212

This Zenni frame is very suitable for strong minus lenses
because of the way the frame folds back at the sides.
This hides the lens thickness - almost one centimeter at
the sides - from the view