woensdag 23 maart 2011

Marieke 020

Marieke holding the right arm of Bettina's Argenta glasses
to keep them steady. Great posing in the fading daylight!
Marieke was ready to pose in more glasses but alas, my
camera decided otherwise :)
I enjoyed this mini photo shoot and so did Marieke. She
probably will be back soon for another photo shoot. Great!

Marieke 019

Glasses: Argenta (Amarena)
[L: -5.00; c-2.25 o / R: -4.75; c-2.25 o]

Marieke 018

When I showed Marieke the eighty glasses, she said that
this pair might well be a favourite so we gave it a try.
Bettina from Germany, the first owner of these glasses,
has an excellent taste for "not exactly mainstream" frames
and it was nice to see that Marieke took to the style as well.
I like the sunset lighting in this portrait

Marieke 017

I got these glasses from another friendly German lady called
Bettina. Instead of sending the glasses an arrangement was
made for a meal in the centre of my native Amsterdam.
I enjoyed making the acquaintance of Bettina and her partner
Steffen who brought along a pince-nez that had been in his
family for several generations

Marieke 016

Glasses: nameless, from Germany
[L: -5.00; c-2.25 o / R: -4.75; c-2.25 o]

The slightly mournful aspect of the model's eyelids is caused
by the angle (axis) of the strong cylinders in the lenses

Marieke 015

Marieke posing in the fourth and last pair of glasses kindly
sent to me by Sylvia from Germany. The Rx of this discrete
retro pair is six diopters above the Rx of the model

Marieke 014

Glasses: nameless, mid / late 2000's
[L: -5.00 / R: -4.50; c-0.50 o]

Marieke 013

Glasses: nameless, early / mid 2000's
[L: -3.50 / R: -3.50; c-0.50 o]

Marieke posing in the third pair of glasses from a German
lady called Sylvia. The Rx is noticeably stronger than the
Rx of the preceding glasses but Marieke was not bothered
by the increasing blurryness so we carried the experiment
one step futher

Marieke 012

Marieke posing in the second pair of glasses kindly sent
by Sylvia from Germany for this photo shoot. Again, the
frame is one for "the bold and the beautiful". The eyebrow
line is perfect

Marieke 011

Glasses: Apollo, turn of the millennium
[L: -2.00 / R: -1.50; c-0.50]

Marieke 010

I got these glasses from a friendly lady from Germany called
Sylvia who sent me four pairs that she used when her myopia
gradually progressed. This is the earliest pair. I often noted
that German ladies are more courageous than Dutch ladies
when selecting frames and this is a fine example

Marieke 009

Glasses: nameless, late 1990's
[L: -1.75 / R: -1.25; c-0.50 o]

Some eighty glasses were patiently waiting when Marieke
arrived for a rush visit. I mainly selected glasses close to her
own Rx but also some new arrivals that might catch her fancy.

Marieke 008

Spontaneous, natural posing by Marieke in refined bifocals
by Metzler. The same glasses were also used in my garden
over a year ago during my second photo shoot with Astrid
who posed bravely in the snow. Being my climbing partner
in the Alps, Marieke is definitely not afraid of extreme
circumstances - but posing on a fine day in spring is much
more comfortable!

Marieke 007

Marieke posing in early 1990's Metzler bifocals with very
discrete, circle shaped reading segments. Again, their Rx
is quite close to her own

Marieke 006

Glasses: Metzler
[L: +1.25 / R: +1.50 / bif add 2.00]

Marieke 005

The first thing Marieke said when she put on these Flair
glasses was that she could see perfectly in the distance.
The glasses were also featured in my photo shoot with Hiska

Marieke 004

After the eye test with the trial frame, Marieke came back
for a brief visit and we tested some of the glasses I had
selected for her. These big rimless glasses by Flair are only
a quarter of a diopter short of the Rx I measured last week.
Perfect for starters!

Marieke 003

Glasses: Flair (Jet Set)
[L: +1.25 / R: +1.00]

Photo shoot: March 23, 2010

woensdag 16 maart 2011

Marieke & trial frame 002

Aside from the request, this mini photo shoot with
Marieke also served to establish her own Rx. It turned
out that she is a mild hyperope and she might be
interested in doing a real photo shoot soon.
So I am keeping my fingers crossed!

Rx model: approx. L: +1.50 / R: +1.25 (for long distance)

Marieke & trial frame 001

I recently acquired a trial frame as some of my
models did not know their exact prescription.
I received a request for a couple of pictures of the
trial frame. Marieke kindly volunteered to pose in
this not exactly lady-like but funny frame